Some of our Favourite Zombie Mobile Games

Whistle Whetting

You can't get away from the zombie genre these days. Whether you're watching TV or browsing the app store (Apple or Android; there's no bias here), zombie games are an inevitable inclusion in the various lists that you will be picking from, so I thought to myself: why not make another list? It's not like there's already tens of lists already out there doing the same thing, that is unless you know how to use Google. Oh you do? Well, here's yet another top 10 zombie games list to whet your zombie survival whistle once again, that is if it was ever dry in the first place.

1. Plants vs Zombies (iOS, Android)

Plants vs Zombies

Considering the popularity alone of the game it would be rude of me not to include this masterpiece of the base defense genre, not to mention ignorant of the fact that millions upon millions of people on this technology-driven planet would agree with this description. As with all of the games that we hold dearly in our hearts, PvZ is outrageously simple in concept: simply defend your home against waves of zombies using a variety of innovative and interesting weapons.

It's almost insulting to caption-ise this screenshot; we all know what game this is and we all know it's the best damn zombie game in existence

Millions have played it. Millions have enjoyed it. Millions have returned to it time and time again for their own amusement, demonstrating the sheer longevity of the format and the heaps of content that are available. Thanks to the work of the genii at Popcap, even the distinctive graphics are a source of entertainment and great amusement, with more zombie types available for defeating than you can shake a lawnmower at and enough mini-games and challenges to keep you going until Plants vs Zombies 3 (I'm yet to accept PvZ 2 into my heart, or wallet).

2. Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies (iOS, Android)

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

To say that I am an avid fan of Call of Duty would be playing it down a little for the purpose of minimising the embarrassment of including the truth in this article, but let's just say I've lost days of my life to the PS3 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops, and some of them were consecutive. Though I regret not one moment of time with the game, I kind of always wished there was a way I could take it with me so I could at least go outside and get some sunlight whilst satisfying my inexplicable craving for the game. You can imagine the number of imagined hallelujahs and the brightness of the illusory light that shone from the sky when I heard about Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies for iOS.

Like a home away from home, this game brings the classic first-person shooter zombie expansion to the palm of your hands and consistently reminds you exactly why Call of Duty has managed to become synonymous with the first-person shooter genre. The steep price tag of $6.99 (roughly £4.35 for my fellow UKers) is a little much but this money pays for high-quality graphics, an arsenal of guns, and an experience you can either play for hours or dip into at your own leisure. It's Call of Duty for god's sake; show some respect!

3. Alive 4 Ever (iOS)

Alive 4 Ever

Resident Evil? Is that you? Top-down, zombie-killing action scarcely gets better than Alive 4 Ever

With some of the best graphics and perhaps one of the very best gameplay experiences on the iPhone to date, Alive-4-Ever is one of those titles that will creep up on your in a similar vein to the zombies that are about to start nibbling at your brain. While two-stick shooter aren't all that common these days, this top-down, two-stick masterpiece has you choosing between four sublimely-designed protagonists in order to embark upon a perilous venture in an apocalyptic world. Progression is based on collecting cash and all-important experience points, and while the game is a little exploitative of people like me that really don't wish to take the slow route when levelling up (cher-ching premium fast-tracking of progress), the game is very much the opposite of Las Vegas in that you really don't have to spend anything to have a good time. With 30 missions, an arsenal of guns ,and the repeated chance to mow down copious quantities of zombie scum, you're pretty much guaranteed a good time with Alive 4 Ever.

4. Zombie Invasion (iOS)

Zombie Mobile Games

Connipton Entertainment should have realised that having a dodgy-looking preview picture would lead to many people passing over this game without even giving it a second though. Gamers aren't a universally shallow kind but it would be naive to ignore the fact that appearances do matter. In spite of its sub-par menu design, Zombie invasion is actually an extremely entertaining third-person shooter where zombies will descend from atop the screen and make their way to the bottom, with the only thing stopping them being you and your army, of guns and ammunition. I implore you to give this game a try in spite of its rugged appearance as what it lacks in initial style it more than makes up for in meaty, juicy substance and is a rare example of a diamond in the rough that is both part diamond and part rough.

5. Pro Zombie Soccer (iOS, Android)

Pro Zombie Soccer

You won't find Henry or Fabergas here: this is football as you've never seen it before, and sadly, zombies are slightly less likely to take a dive than living players.

Having had the pleasure of playing this game through repeatedly for the purpose of reviewing it with great levels of depth, Pro Zombie Soccer is one of those games that possesses elements of different genres and marries them together in holy gaming matrimony that you just know is going to stand the test of time. Part football game, part zombie, part Plants vs Zombies-style defense, this game has you assume control of an aspiring footballer that only has his football to use as a weapon in the aftermath of a zombie invasion. You must swipe to kick, kick to survive, and survive to progress onwards to some better ball based weapons in a game whose utterly ridiculous storyline can be forgiven in favour of focusing on the incredible graphics and insanely addictive gameplay that it offers.

6. Zombieville USA 2 (iOS)

Zombieville USA 2

The original Android hit was so brilliant that you just know there had to be a sequel, though Android users may feel a little upset that the sequel surfaced on iOS in lieu of and not as well as Android. Leave your quivering lips at the door, however, since Zombieville USA 2 is too great to hold any grudges over. The on-screen joystick and buttons echoes with a distinctly X-box tone of voice and the gameplay has been well-refined in this side-scrolling shooter with style and attitude. Ordinarily, I make it a rule to avoid anything with the "ville" suffix, but this is no Farmville: this is all-out shooting action with a unique aesthetic and a wonderfully improved structure, it's one of the best zombie apps available.

7. Zombie Gunship (iOS, Android)

Zombie Gunship

Probably the most entertaining black-and-white game you'll ever play

Take to an AC-30 gunship and rain death from above upon land-borne zombies below. A fairly unique concept washes down some awesome visuals that are reminiscent of the black-and-white thermal imagery you often see from the remote cameras of fighter/recon drones. I wouldn't turn down the opportunity to use a gattling gun from an airborne vehicle of death, so why should you?

8. Earn to Die (iOS, Android)

Earn to Die

Here's a classic that began as a flash game and its own success really took care of the rest. Assume control of a vehicle and drive across the land, smashing into zombies and obstacles along the way and earning money for the distance you travel/kills you make. Upgrading and repeating is the name of the game, and you should have a ton of fun applying upgrades before the repetitive nature of the game sets in.

9. Zombiewood: Zombies in LA (Android)

Zombiewood: Zombies in LA

A casual evening flamethrower session in the park: that'll teach ‘em.

No, this isn't another ones of those B Movie-like titles such as Ghost Shark, Sharktopus, or (my favourite) Sharknado, this is the title of a fantastic action shooter game from Gameloft. 30 weapons allow you to kill invading zombies in a wide variety of ways in an altogether smashing zombie game.

10. Stupid Zombies 2 (Android)

Stupid Zombies 2

The zombies are stupid, but this game certainly isn't since it offers some incredibly challenging survival fun where ammunition is at a premium so improvisation is required across literally hundreds of levels.