Super Stacker: The Juiciest Burgers in Town

Puzzle games come in a huge variety of forms ranging from the basic, text-based quizzes that you see on many websites, right the way to complex tests of logic, reasoning, and special awareness as in games such as Bricks Breaking. Few games are as simultaneously simple and highly challenging as balance games, however, and Super Stacker is a title designed to test your thought processes extensively by requiring you to stack a series of shapes in a specified order and ensure that the resulting structure remains intact and upright for a predetermined number of seconds. As far as balance games go, Super Stacker isn’t a game changer, but it is a pleasantly-designed and addictive little title that brings out the thinker in you.

Super Stacker

The game’s format is painfully simple: you simply have to stack the provided shapes in the given order in a manner that ensures the prolonged balancing of the final structure. Once you have used all of your shapes and have constructed your finished product, a clock counts down a number of second that varies according to the difficulty of the stage you are playing. The difficulty of each level obviously increases as you progress through the game, with the selection of shapes that you have to stack becoming more varied as you play through each of the 12 available levels. Even controlling the thing is simple since you just have you use the mouse to move the shape around the screen and mouse button one in order to place the object.

Because of the time-based nature of making a successful stack and it having to only stay balanced for a certain number of seconds, players can sometimes cheat their way through a level by placing blocks fairly randomly and not really thinking about creating an even, balanced structure, because as long as the shapes stay on the screen for the time limit, the level is successfully passed without question. That said, some levels require careful thought about what shape is coming next including its size, shape, and its place in the larger structure that you will eventually build. The sequence of shapes you must use is noted across the top of the screen so that you can carefully plan your strategy by knowing what comes next.

Super Stacker

Super Stacker is by no means a long game; with only 12 levels to offer you, it is a relatively short game that won’t take you more than ten minutes from beginning to end, and that’s if you take your time over it. The graphics aren’t lavish or polished, but are charming in an almost cute kind of way, with the shapes possessing faces that change according to how well-balanced they are. It can be amusing to see the shape looking nervous as it teeters on the edge of the object below it. In all, the game is perfect for a light brain exercise, but in comparison with other stacker games, it serves as merely a fairly simple and light-hearted warm-up for more serious offerings like Balantris