Papas Burgeria: The Juiciest Burgers in Town

Papas back serving fabulous burgers in his unique burgeria. As with previous Papa food outlets he aims to please his customers to the max so lets pop inside to see just what delights he has in store for us. Customers order their burgers with a choice of toppings and as usual are very precise with regard to how plus in what order they want their burger toppings to be. Papa must get this correct to earn lots of tips so lets see if we can help him!

Papas Burgeria

The game begins with a short teaching lesson which is very useful to get you started. You start by writing the customers order on the screen then over to the cooking station to cook and flip your burgers until they are cooked to requirements. Next its assembling the burger plus toppings in the bun. You have to do this in the order specified then when the tower is complete put the lid on so the burger automatically goes onto a burger tray.

Place the ticket onto the tray by dragging it with the mouse then your finished product will be judged and scored accordingly. A good score means better tips and happy customers. All this is totalled up by gaining stars on your guage until its full, meaning you will earn gold star badges for gold star customers who will then tip more. You can use the tips to buy upgrades such as doorbells to tell you when you have a customer. Its all fantastic fun and quite challenging.

Papas Burgeria

Papas Burgeria is basically about making customers happy just like most other run of the mill burger games. Treat them as you would wish to be treated by serving them good food. Make sure it is done to perfection or you will create an unhappy customer whose score will tumble. Happy customers means more points gained so you move up the scale. The higher up the scale you go the harder it gets as you get more customers who order more complicated burgers. Striving to get to the top of the rankings makes the game so exciting but at the same time it isn't so time consuming that you couldn't have a quick game now and then as a time filler.

The games graphics are cute and quirky along with a good soundtrack that does not detract from the gameplay. Papa certainly has a winner this time with his fabulous burgeria!