Go Go Plant Features Running Pots, Insane Obstacles

If you have good hand-eye coordination, fast reflexes, and reliable memorization skills, Go Go Plant is a pretty good game to delve into. You fly, punch, and dig your way over, through, and under various obstacles that come your way. The game does take a bit of a hit for having set positions of obstacles, so you will have to rely less on instinct and a little bit more on memorization. Still, it promises several good minutes of fun for those of you who can spare the time. Doing several rinse-and-repeat motions to complete a game is not so bad, but there are times when it may get frustratingly tiresome.

Go Go Plant

Strange Little Pot

There really is not much in terms of rhyme or reason for this game. You are an anthropomorphic flower pot and your only goal in existence is to keep moving to the right of the screen. Sadly, doing that is not so easy, you will have spikes, walls, giant insects, barricades, and an assortment of other obstacles that block your way. You will have several tools at your disposal that will allow you to deal with and every single one of them, but the most important thing is that you must have the reflexes to quickly choose and employ the right tool within a small window of opportunity.

Familiar Challenge

And that is basically the gist of every single running game ever made. This means that in terms of a challenge, there is not much here that you will not find anywhere else. What makes Go Go Plant actually worth playing is that this is only running game we could think of that places you in control of a plant. It is not the most impressive lead character, but this running flower pot is at the very least, interesting. It runs, it flies, and it even digs under the ground. The sheer quirkiness of the game is enough for us to give it a decent try.

Go Go Plant

Another good thing about this game is that it loads pretty quickly –if you die for any reason, a quick press of the enter/return key will send you back at the starting line ready to go again. The efficiency of starting a new game makes Go Go Plant fun and refreshing, at least for the first half hour. Once you get past the initial charms of the game, things start feeling a little too repetitive.

Even Simple Designs Get Overdone

The thing about Go Go Plant’s graphics is that it is not exceptionally well made –the visuals are mediocre at best. The good part is that everything is functionally well detailed. You can clearly see every obstacle and challenge that stands in your way. That aside, the graphics are nothing special. The pots, planes, buildings, spikes, giant dragonflies, barriers, and everything else that you will see in the game are done in over-contrasted, texture-deprived visuals. They are big boring icons and they will keep looping over and over on your screen. One of the key elements for running games is the fact that the visuals are actually amusing to look at. Go Go Plant is lacking in this aspect –add in the fact that the obstacles will literally repeat and you have a recipe for eventual boredom.

Controls, Gameplay and Challenge Level

Controlling the pot is relatively easy. It automatically runs so there is no need to press down on a run or accelerate button. Pressing left (or backwards) will make you raise a net for catching any airborne collectibles. Holding up will make you fly, this is useful for dodging any ground obstacles and for collecting anything in the air as well. As long as you press up, the pot will keep flying and there is no limit to how long you can spend flying. Pressing forward or right will make the pot launch a giant punching attack –this will know out most of the ground obstacles. However, note that not all obstacles can be hit by the punch so if you are unsure if the punch will work, you might want to either fly or drill downwards. Drilling is done by pressing and holding down. This will make you drill downwards. Like the flight capability, drilling can be done indefinitely.

Go Go Plant

The thing about running games is that actions tend to be quickly done. The moment you press the button, your game character will do the appropriate movement. This is one of the biggest flaws of Go Go Plant. The flight and drilling actions have a long delay –the animation will require you to wait until the drill or the propeller is fully released and activated. It takes up about half a second of delay –but in a fast paced running game, that is more than enough to ruin your timing. The inability to dodge an obstacle in your way because the character takes too long to perform the action you made can be really frustrating –there are plenty of instances where you practically have to be able to predict the next obstacle in order to perform the proper move in time. That aspect of the game is pretty much unforgivable and is one of the reasons why we cannot fully recommend it to most players.

If you love memorization however, then this may be the “reflex” game for you. The obstacles and challenges will repeat and never randomize. So if you know which obstacles and items will be present, reflexes take a back seat to memorization. Sure, it may sound a little cheesy, but some games really are about memorizing a stage layout and knowing what moves to do at the right time. With that said, this aspect of Go Go Plant will certainly alienate many players, regardless of whether they are casual or hardcore.

Go Go Plant is not Mausland's worst ever title. It is however, very niche. Not everyone is so easily amused by a flower pot that runs on its own (as silly as it may sound), and the graphics hardly deserve much praise (though it does not get much in terms of criticisms either). The controls are easy enough to figure out but the animation delays make the game feel quite unresponsive no matter who long you have been playing; and sloppy controls are one of biggest peeves. The only saving grace this game has is that it still manages to be slightly worthwhile for memorization fans.