Dolphin Olympics 2 Will Take You on an Interstellar Journey

Ever wondered what it would be like to dive into the vast ocean? How about swimming in a sea of stars? If the answer is yes then you're in luck because Dolphin Olympics 2 will take you on an interstellar journey. In this game, you take the reins of a dolphin whose sole purpose is to perform as many tricks as possible under two minutes.

Dolphin Olympics 2

Try your hand at pulling off the "Triple Mission to Mars" or even the "So long and thanks for all the flips!". Pass by Neptune, Uranus or even pay a visit to the fabled Diner at the end of the universe as you gain incredible speed and height.

Yes, those are references from famous books and movies. As you may have guessed, there are plenty of geeky Easter eggs that await those who can master the art of performing stunts.

The arrow keys control Mr. Dolphin's movement. Once he is airborne, press the right or left arrow keys to pull off flips. Make him spin using the down arrow key. Tailslide by timing a spin just as the dolphin hits the water. Pressing the up arrow key will release the slide, leaving you free to link another trick. Perfect your technique until you are able to effectively Starslide through the galaxy. That's when things start getting interesting.

Having friends pays off in Dolphin Olympics 2. Swimming by other sea creatures will make them tail you for a short amount time, giving you a boost in speed and in points. Passing through magic rings found above and below the water surface also lends a burst of speed.

If beating scores isn't your thing, then you may want to fire up the game's Free Swim mode. Because there's no time limit, you can spend as much time as you want swimming across the big blue. It's also useful for beginners who wish to practice their slides and dives.

Dolphin Olympics 2

We're fans of Dolphin Olympics 2's simple yet classy graphics. Its soft background colors give the game a dreamy look. Textures were used on planet surfaces, giving them a faux 3D effect while a gradient is used to shade the ocean. The game hasn't aged at all, considering the fact that it was released more than half a decade ago.

The thoughtful audio design complements the game's fantastic look which is on par with the popular My Dolphin Show. In place of generic music loops are relaxing ambient sounds. Sounds effects such as water splashes and dolphin chirps are on cue, offering just enough without being annoying.

Thanks to its immersive game play, Dolphin Olympics 2 is the perfect choice for a relaxing afternoon. The dreamy graphics and thoughtful audio design fit the sci-fi theme without being cheesy. As a bonus, there are also plenty of secrets to unlock. Beginners have The Free Swim mode to use for practice while veteran launch game players may want to perfect their dive techniques 'til they reach the Diner at the end of the universe.